Saturday, 23 February 2013

Consume the Feminist + Fleischkraft

Oï oï oï! The magnificent CD entitled The Feminist + Fleischkraft is available today for mass consumption. You need to possess this material support of 22 eternal hymns to mobile meat and clean hair.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Show tickets in a box

Megazer deal for next show's tickets!! Pay only 20$ and get the full package:
- 1 ticket for Feb. 23rd @ Café Chaos, Montréal (8$ value, 10$ at door)
- 1 CD of our 2006 Dentïst/CortisoL split "Only Meat Israel"
- 1 CD of our 2011 album "MissTrauen" (featuring amazing artwork on a 6-panel eco-wallet)
- 1 CD of our upcoming joint release containing the 2012 EP "The Feminist" and the 2007 album "Fleischkraft" (see post below)

All this for 20$. WOW! Coudonc. AllôooÔo?! Mets-en. 
Call it prostitution if you wish. 

The new release should be available for the show! Come and get some.
Tickets also available for 8$, mais c'est plate de rater un deal pareil.