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Cortisol's "Peace of Meat" was not made for just any casual listener. This is one those release which requires fans who are totally into Drone Doom or else they crumple into pieces Also for those not used to doom metal of any sort, it will be almost painful to listen to. “Peace of Meat” is an amazing example for slow riffs, intense backing vocals, and the crushing atmosphere will make you certainly enjoy this album.

The opening track “Summer Slide” is a crushing 11Min track which will leave you completely devastated with the guitar sound. The drumming is damn slow and the vocals is very intense and gruffy.The entire track have some amazing moments of slow and mid paced music.But mostly slow-paced and the sound of guitar is the real highlight. It took almost one week for me to actually make up my mind to write a review as I was unable to come out of this music.

The atmosphere on this album is simply agonizing. I can go on and on .The guitar sound although as this makes a hell of difference in Drone Doom. If the sound does not come out well, the entire intensity will go wasted but fortunately it has come out well. The vocal is simply incredible as there are instance of clean vocals and sometime gruffy. It is pretty slow-paced like the band Warning but that painful and emotion filled but in a different manner.

The sludgy distortion sound from the guitars mixed with the wonderfully fit in vocals, evokes a powerful feeling of hatred for me. The snare drums comes into play during every pause of the guitar which gives a different feeling altogether. This actually gives a great flow to the song and makes it very interesting. There is no escape for the listener making him feel that he is in a different world. The good thing in the “peace of Meat” Album is that the vocals contribute to the never-ending feeling of crushing music. When the guitar is dying down the vocals generally come in with a cymbal from the drums and continue the barrage of noise.

The production is really good and this has made “peace of meat” stand out very well.The one thing which we can notice is that each track is a bit different keeping the Drone Doom as the base to the sound. This is pretty rare . I did try their previous releases but was’nt that exciting but “peace of meat” has really surpassed my expectation and also blow my off!!!! Truly heavy sickening sludge that will cause your walls to crumble down. Unbelievably heavy!

So, in conclusion, this is not music for the weak. To listen to this, you must prepare yourself for a 60 Minutes and forget about yourself. This will take for another world. ”Peace of meat” record is a good collection to have!!!
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Cortisol is labeled as doom but I'd say they sound borderline drone. Sometimes there isn't even a consistent drum beat and the music just drags on. The music itself is fairly odd and not too interesting, but is worthy of the occasional listen.

The vocals really put me off and this is my biggest complaint. Why I don't like them: because they're abrasive and impossible to comprehend. They sound more hardcore/sludgecore than metal. No lyrics are included so who knows what the hell is going on? When I think of doom metal harsh vocals don't come to mind. If you like the way Mike Williams(Eyehategod) sounds then you might like this recording. At times, the guitar riffs are on par with funeral doom. Feedback-laden guitar riffs(more like chords) will sustain for long periods of time. On top of that, whoever's singing sounds like they're throwing up their soul. This album won't hold your attention and there's no way you can just sit down and listen to it without feeling the impulse to turn it off. The music never comes to a focus, but makes for good background music with a dreary atmosphere. Cortisol could have made these 4 tracks into a one giant song but that wouldn't have changed anything. All 4 tracks are painfully desolate and if Cortisol is out to achieve this then they're doing great.

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